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Music composition & production

We compose and produce music that creates emotions. For advertising campaigns, major movies, corporate films, games and live events.

Sync “One-Stop” Artist Catalogue:

We represent the (publishing and master) rights to over 100’000 songs with music from many genres and decades (1930s to present day). We have licensed over a thousand songs for movies, TV Shows, advertisement and more.

Tellstar Music Library (Production Music):

License music easy, quick and for a bargain:

Music Supervision

We have worked as a music supervisor on over 100 movies and many corporate/advertisement projects. Click here to see some of our credits:

Music Promotion:

We release and promote music almost daily. Once a song has been produced, the marketing and promotion is as important as the song itself. We create a game plan and strategy to get the most exposure and best results possible.

Mojo 3 Records

The heart of the music industry is still the artist or bands and we are a proud, eclectic label that helps to get them heard. Check here for a sample of our releases: Spotify Playlist or Disco Playlist


We are an independent publishing company that helps writers and artists to collect their royalties, have their music licensed to film, TV, advertisement, games and beyond.

Studios & Offices

Mojo 3 has studios in Bern (Luk), Zuerich (Roller) and Berlin (Luk). Our main office is in Zurich – we also have satellite offices in Bern and San Diego.