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Mojo 3’s Luk Zimmermann composed and produced the title track as well as three additional songs for the Swiss motion picture „Platzspitzbaby“ together with Mya Audrey, Elif Erisik and Dana Burkhard. The movie charted at number one at the Swiss box office and more than 300’000 people went to see this movie in Switzerland alone. Mojo 3’s Pirmin Marti worked as the music supervisor on this film and helped to develop the musical concept with the director Pierre Monnard and the production company C-Films – over twenty Swiss songs were licensed as well, many from Mojo 3’s own “one-stop” sync catalogue. Mojo 3 additionally released the single and together with the distributor was responsible for the successful push of the title song which resulted in a virtual number one song and over 200’000 plays on Spotify – unheard of for a Swiss-German piano ballad.